Saturday, January 16, 2010

Former Bush Aide Endorses Climate Change Legislation

A former senior aide to both Presidents Bush and GOP Presidential candidate John McCain speaks up as a conservative for climate change legislation - - now.

A must read from and hat tip to Repower America.


Anon Jim said...

Yet another Bureaucrat who thinks he is a climatologist.

Btw - while Professor Holtz-Eakin might be a Republican, do see where it explicitly states he is a Conservative.

One does not mean the other.

James Rowen said...

You are missing the point, Anon Jim. He's all about business.

Anon Jim said...

James - I get the point.

This clod is a global warming true believer and a proponent of cap and tax - so much so he has his own proposal.

I just don't get what relevance this idiot has to anything going on in the real world.

Btw here is a great article about the IPCC claim from 2 years ago that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2035.

The arduous fact checking they did for this claim is truly awe inspiring.

/sarcasm off