Wednesday, January 13, 2010

County Grounds Real Estate Deal For UWM Gets Weird

The UW Regents last week considered the County Grounds option for the new UWM Engineering school and related Innovation Center, but the way the latest plan is described to me, a private developer will be found to underwrite much of the project.

This entire deal looks shakier than ever.


Anonymous said...

I got a letter back from the president of the Board of Regents saying "...the Real Estate Foundation proposes to give the Board of Regents a small parcel in the southern portion for the construction of a facility for the school of engineering." I was surprised because I thought the School needed more space.

Anonymous said...

The Chancellor has used up much of the 240 million allotted by the State for his expansion projects. He has more or less intimated to the Board of Regents that he did not need their support for the engineering campus because the Foundation will purchase the land. Isn't this just "robbing peter to pay paul?" And isn't it just a way to circumvent input from the faculty and the community for this unpopular project?