Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stunned Scientists Witness Arctic Heat Wave

The evidence of ongoing climate change is piling up - - literally - - but we still have an administration only engaged at the rhetorical margins, disconnected from reality, and basically unconcerned.

You can tell your grandchildren that the pivotal global warming years came after 2000, during the administration of a Texas oil man, George W. Bush..

That's was when the biggest consuming fossil-fuel and carbon dioxide emitting nation on the planet was guided by a secretly-drafted energy-gorging policy determined by an All Powerful Vice President Dick Cheney, a wealthy energy company insider, who famously observed that conservation was a "personal virtue...not a sound basis for a comprehensive energy policy."


Anonymous said...

Give me a break Jim, the earth has been around for millions of years, the industrial revolution since the 1800's and it is George W. Bush's fault for so-called man made global warming, since he has been president for 8 years? You really make me laugh Jim

James Rowen said...

No, Mr. Anon., you do not get a break. Bush and Cheney chose not to sign on to Kyoto, and instead went in the opposite direction, pushing through tax breaks for SUV purchasers and ramping up energy exploration, while dismissing conservation.

They added mightily to a cascading situation.

Anonymous said...

Whatever Jim, Kyoto would have been a disaster for the economy. How are the economies doing in Europe, Jim?. Keep it up with you man made global warming scare tactics. Many scientist are disputing the man is causing it, but keep touting you talking points. There are MANY people who disagree with you, and they are not being paid by the oil companies. I believe Clinton was president for 8 years before Bush, what did he do to fight it?, but I guess in your little mind, your false global warming claims are GWB's fault.

Let us see if Mr. Dingle's proposal for fighting climate change takes hold. Increased tax on gasoline to be paid by the public, $50 carbon tax and decreased deduction for mortgage interest for homes over 2,000 sqft. Decreased auto choices, since many of the current pick-up trucks and SUV's that people want will never make the increased CAFE standards. We will soon find out how much of a big deal the American public thinks about this man made non sense.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim:

Here are some reports dismissing global warming being man made, why dont you post some of these? Are these people bought and paid for by the oil companies?


Are these reports are wrong?

James Rowen said...

Hey, Anon;
I post nearly everything that I am sent, so I am posting your comment. The only ones I have declined are violent or profane.

I think you undercut your position by hiding behind the anon. mask.

Maybe you're the one bought by the oil companies?

Anonymous said...


The last time I checked I have not received one penny from an oil company. If you do not like the Anony mask the do not include it on your blog. I am speaking for the millions who think this man made global warming stuff is full of crap. Please review the information on the website I posted to above and tell me why it is wrong. Please do not give the tired old environmental talking points.

Werent some of these same scientists the ones who said the CFC's were distroying the ozone? Now 20 years later they are not sure if that was true.

James Rowen said...

To Anon: I observed only that I thought you undercut your position using the Anon. mask. I think that's an accurate observation.

You know who I am; I don't know who you are.

But I post your comments because I think the public dialogue is good.

You could advance it by showing us who you are so we can assess you as you assess me, but you have some reason to hide.

That allows you the freedom to take your "little" shots, and that's what I mean when I say that your discredit dare I say, belittle - - your position with the way you come into the discussion.

As to the climate change deniers. I did look at the site. I have read many of these arguments. They are in the distinct minority.

Anonymous said...


Well if you must know my name is John. The "deniers" as you call them, are NOT in the distict minority as you would like to believe. Even if they were in the minority, I do not think that it is wise to impose all of these new and expensive regulations on what if's, especially when some notable scientists disagree with the so called man made assertion. Isnt water vapor a greenhouse gas? Also, many scientist beleive that increases in temp cause increases in Co2, not the other was around.

Tenney Naumer said...

To those who insist that Kyoto would have been a disaster for the U.S. economy, I would suggest that you are looking very short term at this issue. The costs of building new harbors, sewer systems, airports, subways, hospitals, schools, and God knows what all, once the sea level begins rising rapidly will dwarf Kyoto.