Thursday, October 4, 2007

Public Comment Period On the Pabst Farms Interchange Ends October 29th

Citizens can register their opposition to the proposed Pabst Farms mall highway interchange - - even as the mall developer appears to be pulling out of the deal - - through October 29th.

Details about how and where to register comments are here.

The comment process is being managed by the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission: ironically, its executive director emeritus, Kurt Bauer, who is still a SEWRPC consultant and chair of its water supply advisory committee, has said the Pabst Farms project conflicted with the original recommendations for the site in the commission's regional land use plan.

Spending more than $20 million in public funds to build an interchange to nowhere is a ridiculous step for government to take; it can be slowed down or stopped if enough taxpaying citizens say "no."

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