Friday, October 5, 2007

Good-bye Upscale Mall, Hello Big-Box Stores: What, a Targette?

So the other shoe drops, and the million-square foot upscale mall at Pabst Farms is toast.

That's good news for the regional small town commercial districts and mainstreets - - a subsidized mall 20 minutes away would have killed a lot of established businesses and devalued a lot of property.

But the rumored alternative to the lost mall - - once a key element in the entire Pabst Farm concept - - might be another Big Box store, or a grouping of same - - what Waukesha's Mayor Larry Nelson might call The Centre of Big Boxx Shoppes ?

(That's an inside joke: you'll have to click on the link.)

There is absolutely no way that local and state government taxpayers should spend tax money ripping up the Western Waukesha County landscape to build a free Diamond Interchange for that kind of development.

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