Saturday, February 3, 2007

State Global Warming Task Force a Good Idea...If

Gov. Jim Doyle deserves credit for proposing in his State of the State message last week a task force on global warming.

It's a good idea because it combines the consensus view about the realities of climate change and with the wealth of scientific and policy talent in Wisconsin universities, industries and the non-profit sector.

As co-chairman of the Council of Great Lakes Governors, Doyle has even more standing to set such a task force in motion because climate change may lower the levels of the Great Lakes and its tributary waters and lead to negative outcomes for Wisconsin's water-based recreational and commercial industries.

One cautionary note: too many blue-ribbon committees are made up of the usual suspects that bring their establishment conservatism, their special concerns (read: monetary) and conflicts-of-interest to the table.

Let's hope Doyle selects a creative, diverse and multi-talented task force membership that won't water down its recommendations.

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XOut said...

Oh cool, another tax force.