Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Invisible Man: Tommy Thompson

The ABC News daily political and media summary - - The Note - - mentions all, and I mean all the potential or actual presidential candidates, even throwing in folks who barely have a pulse in a poll, like Wesley Clark, Tom Tancredo, Mike Huckabee and Jim Gilmore (Who?).

Missing completely: Tommy Thompson, our own former Governor and leading state egomanic.

Can't someone in that coterie of his that's frozen in about 1993 plu-eeze encourage him step aside before he morphs completely into a comic figure?


Anonymous said...

Hmm ... he's been in The Washington Post three of the last four days, as well as NYT, USA Today and elsewhere this week.

Otherwise, that's an excellent point you just made.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and this is from Wednesday's Note. So good job being very selective on your post.

And, again, excellent point you just made there.

2008: Republicans: Thompson:
In a recap of yesterday's unveiling of the "No Child Left Behind" commission findings, the Washington Post's learned Amit Paley has former Gov. Tommy Thompson (R-WI) saying: "You're never going to hit a home run unless you swing for the fences, and this is swinging for the fences." LINK

Per a press release, "Charlotte Mohr, who served as Governor Terry Branstad's state chair from 1978 — 1998, has joined the Thompson for President Exploratory Committee as an honorary state chair in Iowa."

James Rowen said...

Mr. Anonymous: Tommy made the national news co-chairing a national panel that released a report suggesting changes to that failed No Child Left Behind mess that the Bush administration foisted on the country.

Jay Matthews, a Washington Post columnist, said on the 13th that the panel made some good, top-down suggestions, "but there is also a lot of mush in tbe report."

Maybe Tommy could put that in an Iowa TV spot.

Anonymous said...

The New York Times and The Washington Post both editorialized in support of the report this morning, so yes, that could be useful in an ad.

On Sunday, he was in the Post in relation to his presidential campaign. He was identified as one of the non-top 3 that could make the race interesting.

And, in the Note that you claim he isn't in, it lists the report under their "2008: Republicans: Thompson" section. I would hope you would contact them and let them know there's nothing political there.

So, again, that is an otherwise excellent set of points you are making.

Keep it up.