Thursday, February 8, 2007

Destroying The Village to Save It - - Delafield Style

You oldsters out there will remember the famous quote from a Vietnam war battlefield when a US commander said he razed a village to save it.

Fast forward to this week, when Town of Delafield and Waukesha County officials said a condo developer had cut down trees and graded land on a ten-acre parcel near Pewaukee Lake before he had permits to do so, let alone approval for his project.

As a result, developer Syed Hussain faces possible civil forfeitures for ordinance violations, officials say; another outcome will be tree-plantings, pledges Hussain.

Ironically, the project's architect is quoted by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel saying the condo's latest design will be "more sensitive" to the character of the area, with more green and open space.

I guess if you fire up the chain saws and bulldozers early enough you can always add green space to the layout of a subdivision.

I concede that's not so much destroying the entire village to save it - - just trashing a few acres of Mother Earth to 'improve' it.

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