Sunday, February 1, 2015

Three extremists battle to fill Glenn Grothman's two right shoes

There are three fringe GOP/Tea Party/moonbeam candidates vying to fill US Cong. Glenn Grothman's "big" State Senate district shoes - - one of them actually said that - - but the best part of this wonderful read is the quick reverse direction into which one of them threw his own back-pedaling shoes after he ever-so-slightly wandered off the right's school choice script:
I'm fine with school choice," he said. "It was the funding issue that concerns me. That whenever government gets involved there is an overreach, and it could take prayer out of the private school."

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  1. "There are three fringe GOP/Tea Party/moonbeam candidates"
    Or as we like to call them here in Washington County - the only offerings on the menu.