Thursday, December 6, 2012

Walker, GOP Keeping Voter Suppression Ruse Alive

They're playing games in Wisconsin, again, with our right to vote.

First it was GOP-crafted Voter ID to fight unproven voter fraud - - stopped in court, so far - -  when, in fact, the GOP was actively defrauding people out of their right to vote through purged voting roll purges and reduced access to polling places from Florida to Ohio to Pennsylvania.

More recently there was the spectacle of Scott Walker, his ego soaring over the Reagan Library like a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon, telling the faithful he'd like to end same-day voter registration in Wisconsin - - because those poor old folks who help out at the polls get tuckered out by all that extra paperwork.

Then came the blow back, - - more here - - so cue Walker's unconvincing back-pedaling:
Walker said Wednesday he still supports the measure, but downplayed it and said opponents had turned it into a "ridiculous issue.
But that didn't stop two of his most slavish lieutenants, State Rep. Joel Kleefisch and State Sen.Albert Darling from fashioning a bill and looking for sponsors, pronto.

Walker & Co. are governing by deception, misdirection and ruse.

I award his two-faced voter suppression play and ploy Four Snares:

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